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Testing & Certification


Juno Fire  provides assessments that relate to regulatory compliance as well as adequacy and effectiveness of the performance of active and passive fire protection systems.

At Juno Fire , we provide an unprecedented level of service to our customers. Our routine weekly testing and maintenance, backed by our 12 month warranty will assure you that you are dealing with the best in the industry.

We also offer annual testing and three yearly testing, which includes:

Annual Testing

  • replacement of sprinkler systems installed by any kitchen exhaust hoods/ducts as applicable

  • examination of pipe work, supports and sprinklers – clean, replace and make good any defects

  • inspection of wiring connections to the direct brigade alarm units and ensure that the fire line is properly supported

Three Yearly Testing

  • dismantling and inspection of isolating valves and all damaged parts must be replaced

  • where possible that sediment may have been collected in the system pipe work, the sprinkler system shall be completely flushed

Certificate of Compliance
Obtaining your Certificate of Compliance and submitting it to your council prior to its due date is the responsibility of the property owner/manager.

Juno Fire can issue you with your Certificate of Compliance once a member of our qualified staff have inspected your fire and/or essential services (as required by council) and found them to comply to all the relevant stands and codes.

Certification is then issued once payment of your annual agreement has been finalised.

We do advise that you have your inspection carried out as soon as you receive your letter from council.

Please allow adequate time for any repairs that may be necessary to be quoted, approved and the work completed prior to your certificate's due date.

Failure to comply with these requirements is an offence under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 and Council may either pursue a penalty through the Court system, or issue a penalty infringement notice ('on-the-spot fine') if the essential fire safety measures are not fully maintained or if the Annual Fire Safety Statement requirements are not complied with. Council may also serve a fire safety order requiring compliance with these fire safety requirements.