Company Profile

Fire Safety Is Our Priority

Juno Fire is an Australian owned company providing inspections and testing of fire safety services to a wide variety of buildings across Sydney.
Formed in Jan 2010 and still owned and operated by the same Directors, Juno Fire from its small beginnings has grown into a medium sized company which look after multiple building across the Sydney Metropolitan and Wollongong areas.
Juno Fire provides advice and customized assessments to both government and private building owners across a spectrum of Industrial & Commercial properties including residential, retail shops, commercial offices, health and aged care, education, hotel, leisure facilities and religious institutions.
Juno Fire's goal is to provide an easy and affordable fire safety service of the highest standard. We work closely with our clients to ensure we provide the highest quality of work which complies with the relevant building codes and fire safety standards.

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Juno Fire believes in a progressive approach to all facets of WHS development and is able to tailor site specific management plans to ensure that all representatives are fully aware of the safety rules and emergency procedures applicable to each site.
Given its importance, our WHS System is regularly reviewed internally by management and externally by Trades Monitor to ensure its compliance with the current requirements of the New South Wales Work Health and Safety Regulations.


Membership & Credentials

Juno Fire is a Corporate Bronze Member of the Fire Protection Association Australia (FPA Australia) as well as a recognised business by the Fire Protection Accreditation Scheme (FPAS) and with this membership and qualifications, Juno Fire is an FPAA provider of choice click here to view these credentials.

With the changing climate within the fire protection industry, it is imperative that as a building owner or owner’s agent you engage a ‘Competent Fire Safety Practitioner’ (CFSP). Juno Fire is listed on the FPA Australia interim register of Competent Fire Safety Practitioners in issuing Annual Fire Safety Statements. click here to view the FPA Australia interim register of Competent Fire Safety Practitioners.